I'm LaTorcha and welcome to my blog! Crafts by Abuela started in 2017 as a creative outlet and a way to share my experience! I love crafting, woodworking and DIY projects! I am a Human Resources Manager during the day and a Woodworker in the evenings/weekends!

What Will You Get Out Of My Posts

If you love crafting, woodworking and DIY projects, you will feel right at home here! My posts will provide you with step by step instructions on woodworking projects, crafts and more! Also, you will be inspired with modern, contemporary and rustic home decor ideas. This is a place for you find creative and fun projects. I am still learning too, but love to share things as I explore!

How Did I Get Started

In 2017, I decided to build my grand daughter a doll house for her 18 inch dolls with a plan that I found online. It was challenging but there was a huge sense of accomplishment once the dollhouse was completed. That is when I realized I wanted to dive into woodworking. I have found that I love the process of building furniture, and have realized that you don't need expensive tools or training to make quality, high-end furniture and wall decor.

The rest is history!


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